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We Cater Maids For the following Needs

Infant and Baby Care

To ensure our little ones get the best care they need, our maids have been proficiently trained in everything related to Infant care. By attending to every need of your young child, our maids will provide the best attention and care possible.

Children Care

Our maids strive to provide a safe, well-supervised, stimulating and enjoyable environment for the safety of your young children of different age levels.

Elderly Care

(includes tube feeding, insulin injections, bathing and toileting, wheelchair and etc)

We deliver excellence in the aspects of aged care with the help of our maids. We pride ourselves on bringing you and your loved ones the very best of everything.

Household chores & Cooking

To be good in housework and cooking, it needs one to have a lot of passion and patience. It’s hard to inculcate or train passion and patience into a FDW so luck is required too. We provide advice and even seek references from the FDW’s previous employer’s or the Training centre.

Handicapped and medically Unwell Person

As the Caregivers Training or courses are extensively made available to train Domestic Helper to be specialized and to be equipped with relevant skills in the best care to the handicapped or unwell, many employers have turn to employ FDW. We have maids both experienced and inexperienced who are prepared to care for the handicapped and unwell with training given. Not only being experienced and training the importance of being patience, having soft approach and love towards the in need.