Our Maids are selected from those applicants who can demonstrate some history of service with experiences. Their background and references are then checked carefully. After basic orientation to the cultural needs of their families and the consequences for dishonesty, the Maids are assessed for their abilities in specific key areas: Kitchen Management and household safety & Cookery (Asian and Western styles) and Child Care. They are then put through a Health, Hygiene and basic 1st Aid for young children awareness program before attending specific courses run by professional service providers.


After each training module the Maids are tested for their level of “new knowledge” before being sent for a thorough medical check-up at an International Clinic. They are then ready for interviews with clients and once accepted will receive one final briefing on specific needs of the specific client including, if relevant, specialist supplementary cookery lessons relating to the client home country. We also offer these training modules to clients who may be happy with their current Maid but require her to acquire some additional skills.



In addition to domestic staff we also provide full and part-time staff for the hospitality industry, specifically for housekeeping and kitchen duty. The staff are given basic training in relevant disciplines prior to orientation within your hotel, apartment building or restaurant.



Food Hygiene & Safety for Kitchen Staff – Our Kitchen Management and Household Safety courses are also run for commercial kitchens.


Telephone & Reception Training – this course takes the students through the basics for making a good impression as primary contact points of contact in your company.


“How to Make a Good Impression” – these courses are designed for all staff who come into contact with clients and are tailor made modules to suit you company or organizational needs