About Us

SURIA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY is one of Singapore’s unique maid agency specializing in all types of maids.

We have high standard for customer service is what distinguishes us from ordinary housecleaning services to different category of services.


We also have other services like other domestic-help related services. We provide quality and efficient customer services to our valued customers. Any problems or enquiries of our maids, we will definitely resolve it promptly.

we have continued to excel servicing our clients delivering quality foreign domestic workers.


With our training methodology and training facilities, we pride ourselves with low replacement rates and a high retention rates for all cases.


We know how to do it right the first time round. Many of our team members have been doing it for over past many years.


Our committed consultants are well versed and updated with both local and international manpower laws. We are able to advice clients on various foreign domestic workers issues.