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  • Suria Employment Agency is a well-established name in Maid Agencies Singapore. We have built a strong reputation in the market owing to our impeccable customer service record and a benchmark setting maid training program. Customers that hire foreign domestic helpers from our agency have come to expect a very high standard of services. We are very humbled by the trust that our clients place in our abilities.
  • Suria Employment agency has consistently been the best maid agency in Singapore for the past many years. We have an exhaustive portfolio of maids with us. Clients can visit our website and browse through each profile and select a maid as per their individual requirements. Being in the Singapore maid agency business for a considerable period, we are aware that there is a high demand of Indonesian Foreign Domestic Helpers in the market owing to their excellent work ethic. Accordingly, we have a well-trained Indonesian Domestic Helper and highly regarded contingent of Indonesian Maids on our rolls ready to serve you.
  • Each maid that you hire through Suria Employment Agency is ingrained with our company`s ethos, i.e., customer satisfaction is the highest reward. We boast of the highest retention rate and the lowest replacement rate of maids as compared to all Singapore Maid Agencies. This attribute gives you, as a client, the benefit of working with a familiar staff at your homes. In the unlikely event that there is any issue with a maid that you have hired through us, we are available round the clock to sort it out. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of advisors who are well versed and updated about the manpower laws of the nation. This team will guide you in case of any and every query about our maids that may be raised by the Ministry of Manpower in their routine course of business.
  • We are confident in our abilities and thrive in the market on the basis of our experience. We encourage our prospective clients to survey the entire Singapore maid agency scene before deciding on hiring a maid or conducting business with any maid agency in Singapore. We take immense pride in the knowledge that any client that has come to us after studying what all others have to offer, has been pleasantly surprised by our offers. We believe in building a relationship of trust with our clients. It is not simply about profit and loss or bottom lines and top lines. These are just cold and calculated business numbers. We are here to nurture a long term relationship with our clients. This goes beyond pure mathematics. We aim to be partners in each other`s success. It is this mentality that has helped us reach the top and stay there for a long time in the Singapore Maid Agency market space.
  • If you are looking out for the best Foreign Domestic Workers for your homes, the best maids in Singapore, the cream among the Indonesian Domestic Helpers, or the best maid agency in Singapore, you just need to click on hisuria.


Our Maids are selected from those applicants who can demonstrate some history of service with experiences. Their background and references are then checked carefully. After basic orientation to t... Read More ยป


  • Finally I have found the right maid agency, kudos to you, Syed. I have always been delighted by your excellent service. Keep up the good work in providing service with quality and professionalism

  • The following is to thank Hisuria for constant excellence in the service we receive with our branch vehicles. They are very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them for any mechanical job.

    -Thomas S.